Examples and demos of drop zone specific custom apps.  All projects are built to run as web apps and are 100% mobile app capable.  If you are interested in any of these products for your drop zone please contact me.  In partnership with nDevix for support, hosting, and future development.

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Packing Tracker

Really fast and easy to use packjob tracking.  Can be used on a single central device like an ipad for all packers or each packer can use their phone. The app record timestamped packjobs, allows for repair flagging. Sign in with demo / demo17

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Rig Management

Keep full inventory of your tandem and student rigs including all components of each rig with serial numbers.  Track reserve expirations, AAD service and expiration. Use task list for prioritizing repairs and repacks. Sign in with demo / demo17

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Dropzone Info

Interactive map with landing areas, distance circles, obstacles, outs, and facilities. Left menu includes a map legend, and dz information.  The right menu icons pull in real time winds aloft, metars data, and radar.

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Rig designer is a 2D web native color designer app with the following features. Color individual panels, Grouped panels, Zoom in, Zoom out, Move on canvas, Built in templates

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